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Welcome to the deg_fanfiction community! We hope you have fun on your journey to Degrassi from the creations of stories by our members!

If your community is Degrassi related and you would like to be a sister community, please e-mail the mod at: deg_fanfiction@hotmail.com, you must provide me with your LJ username.

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community- degrassi_icons
maintained by- caltrask55 and falseh0pe

Sister Journals
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BOTH of these journal are maintained by sullyvann and she posts all of the graphics on these journals!

This community was made, and is maintained by rainingxblood



1. This community is for FanFictions only! Posts like, "OMG, did everyone see Degrassi on Friday?" and "Can someone make me an icon?" will be deleted if it does not pertain to fan fiction. Questions like, "Can someone please write me a great Craig and Ashley fanfiction?" are a-okay!
Communities to discuss Degrassi are: _deg,degrassi_tng, and degrassitng_
A great community for Degrassi icons is: degrassi_icons

2. Please be kind and respectful, jokes toawrd anyone's race/ sexuality/ ethnicity (unless it is part of your FanFiction, with appropriate warnings in the LJ-cut) will not be tolerated, and you will be banned.

3. Don't take ideas from other episodes of Degrassi, that means, don't take the basic plot and change around the characters. You can base your plot on actions from an episode, but please make your story original!

4. All fanfictions must be placed under an LJ cut with a name. For example, "The Crash of CrAsh, chapter 1." Please be consistent with the name. If you are writing a series fan fiction, it is best to be consistent the name so that people who read your work will be able to find it the next time you post!

5. All fanfictions must be rated by the writer. The rating system is the same as movies. G, PG, PG-13, R. Please tell us why you rated it so. For example (Rated PG-13, For some sexual content.)

6. Sexual content is fine, I am not going to hinder your writing. Although, you must say, in the Lj cut, if there is sexual content, as some of our members would not like to read it.

7. Grammar and phonics are your best friends. Know them very well.

8. Bash someone's work, and you will be banned. If you don't like it, constructive criticism is the best.
This is bashing- OMG I can not believe how much you suck at writing a story! The whole Craig and Liberty thing is so wrong and horrible! Wow, you suck! Next time, actually pay attention to the show!
This is constructive criticism-Well, I must admit, I did not like the story too much, because I think the whole Craig and Liberty thing is weird, but I think the idea of the main plot was good! Maybe I'll like the next chapter!

If you have any problems please contact the moderator:
Mod's e-mail: deg_fanfiction@hotmail.com

I need a log of all the members e-mail addresses. When you join, you must e-mail me with your LJ username.