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Okay, so I made a second chapter for Sibiling Rivialry. See I wasn't going to post it here, but I being the genius I am, accidently put G as the rating, instead of PG-13, getting my account frozen for a while.
I think only one person read the first chapter, but oh well, enjoy!

PG-13 For Language

Amanda rolled over on her back and opened her eyes to see her smiling mother. "Time to get up! We have to register you at Degrassssi High!" Her mother shrieked. Amanda was in shock that her mother actually remembered she had mentioned the idea of her going after she had drank about 5 beers the night before. She also was shocked that her mother was actually trying to cover up her hangover with the peppy attitude.

Amanda reluctantly got up and took a shower, and got changed. She looked at herself in the mirror. Tall, skinny, thin dirty blonde hair, and big black circles under her eyes. Great, another school with people thinking I'm on crack..Perfect she thought to herself, shaking her head at the image staring back at her.

She walked into the "kitchen" and looked around for something to eat. She saw a pack of beer into the refrigerator, bacardi and redbull on the counter, and some chips. She shook her head at her family's 'healthy' eating habits, and took a Redbull, deciding she'd need all the energy she could get. She sat there sipping the energy drink, when she heard her mother throw up in the background. A few minutes later Charlotte arrived in the kitchen, makeup smeared to cover up her flaws.” Well let's get going, Mandy!" Charlotte announced.

Amanda picked up her backpack, and nodded, dragging her feet to get into her mom's beat up car. On the drive there, Amanda looked out the window, trying to take in each and every detail of the foreign town. The car stopped in front of a large school, and Charlotte got out, "We're here." They walked into the front office, to be greeted by a tall woman holding papers. "Mrs.Hogart, I'm sorry, but Jason is still expelled, and nothing will change that." She said before turning on her heel, and began making her way to her office. "Mrs. Haltiz.. er, yeah. But I'm not here for Jason, I'm here to register my daughter, Amanda. She needs a school for the last 2 months of her freshman year." Charlotte said, gripping her daughter's shoulders.

"Oh. In that case, go to the front office, and fill out the paperwork, and I'll send someone to show you around." She said slightly smiling, and then walking into her office. Amanda put her hands into her pockets, as her mom filled out the paperwork. When she was done, a girl with dark black hair, and big hoop earrings entered the office, "Welcome Committee here." She said sarcastically, to no one in particular. The secretary rolled her eyes and turned to Amanda, "This is Alexandria, the vice president of the school. Since it's in her duties," she said exclaiming the words in Alex's directions, "she'll show you around the school, and be a helping hand for the day." Amanda shifted her weight to her other foot, and nodded.

When Alex and Amanda were in the hallway, Alex turned to Amanda, "So, you got a name? I wasn't really listening." Amanda nodded, "Yeah.. Amanda, I’m a grade nine.." "Well, I'm Alex, 10th grade. So, you got a last name, and a reason why you're here?" Alex asked looking Amanda over. Amanda bit her lip, "Er yeah.. Hogart. Amanda Hogart, and I'm here because I got fucking dragged here." She said shrugging.

"Hogart.. as in relative of Jay A Asshole Hogart?" Amanda shrugged, "He's my brother."
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