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 Hey, I'm Jenny, and new. This is only my second fan fic, so don't be suprised if it's not too good. Anyway here are the basics.


Rating - PG-13 For language

Characters- Jay, his family, Amy

Set after West End girls airs, so mention to some spoilers.

Sumarry- What happens when Jay's sister, Amanda, goes to live with him and decides to attend Degrassi, where she finds out Jay has already established a name for the Hogart family.


 Amanda checked the address again. 755 North East Degrassi Street. She looked at structure to see a very poor looking house. She sighed as she walked up to the front door, she wasn't expecting anything more. She knocked on the front door looking down at her goosebumps. She was wearing jeans, and a thin tee-shirt, which wasn't exactly the clothes you wear on a cold Toronto night.

  Suddenly the door flung open to reveal a blonde hair girl with tight jeans and a black halter top chewing gum, and giving Amanda the once over. "Who the hell are you?" Before Amanda could answer, the girl stopped her, "Well it doesn't matter. Jay's busy, kay?" The girl said closing the door. Amanda rolled her eyes and pushed the door open, and walked in. She went into the small house to see her brother laying on a couch watching television, not noticing a thing. Amanda stepped infront of him, "Jason Hogart, I thought I told you not to date any more whores." She said shaking her head.

  Jay looked at her with bewilderment in his eyes. "Mandy.. hey.. er.. what the.." He stopped and turned to the other girl, "Hey Amy, I'll uh.. see you later." He said signaling for her to leave. Amy, still annoyed with being called a whore, again, got the hint, and turned on her heel to leave.

  "Real nice girl you got there, brother." Amanda said sarcasticlly, with the trademark sarcastic Hogart grin. Jay looked at his younger sister, "What are you doing here?" He asked. Amanda slipped her ring on and off and turned her head to face her brother, "Why should I tell you? You don't give a fuck. And don't flatter yourself, I'm here to see Charlotte not you." She said referring to their mother. Jay was about to spit something equally hurtful back, but decided against it, "Why aren't you at dads?"

  Amanda shrugged, "He got too drunk one night, and beat the crap out of me. So, I left. I was at my friend's house, until her parents figured out  dad wasn't really out of town, so I just came here." Anger blazed in Jay's eyes, "I'll kill that fucker." Amanda rolled her eyes, "Uh. No you won't. It won't do any good, moron. And I just need some money from Charlotte and I'll be out of here." She said sitting down on the couch. "And then where will you go?" Jay said questioning her. Amanda put on the grin again, "Where-ever the hell I want." She looked at her older brother, "It's a Monday night, shouldn't you be doing homework or something educational?" Jay glared at her, "First off, I'm older than you, you're the one who needs school and shit. Second of all, I got kicked out." Amanda wasn't surprised. Jay had always managed to get himself into trouble.

  Suddenly the front door knob turned and in walked Charlotte, a man, and them each carrying a pack of beer. "Mandy!!" Charlotte screamed, "I'm so glad you're hear, now we even have a reason to party!" Amanda bit her lip, her mom was a hardcore alcoholic, but atleast she was able to control herself.

 As Amanda explained everything to Charlotte and her boyfriend who was chugging down his fifth beer, Charlotte's eyes widended, "You should stay here! Even if it isn't for long. And there's a great school around here! Degrassi Community School.You can finish up your freshman year. Jay used to go there..." She said trailing off, and looking at her son who sat across from her, listening, but bored. Amanda rolled her eyes, "Yeah. Okay. Sure." She said nodding, sure that her mother would forget by the next day.


A/ N That's all, Any comments/suggestions/critisism  are welcome!!

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