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Edit: Whoa I just noticed this comm hasn't been posted in for two whole years!
That's embarrassing, but if anyone still reads this...

Hi everyone, I'm new to this community. I'm just assuming posting something like this is allowed; if not, go on and delete it.

So my friend and I have this game where we exchange song titles and Degrassi pairing and fic premises inspired by them. The game has spawned quite a few good fic ideas I'd like to write. I'm posting a list here, and please comment saying which ones you'd most like to see written.

The fic ideas aren't inspired by the songs themselves, just the titles. I haven't actually heard half of these songs, so...

“What’s That Spell? ...Go To Hell!”
Holly J/Anya
After an unprecedentedly bitchy stunt humiliating Anya in front of the whole Power Squad, Holly J seeks to regain her friendship. And, well, you know what they say about makeup sex.

“But it’s Better If You Do”
Holly J/Toby
Holly J apologizes for lying about Toby groping her, and offers him a favor as her apology. An actual date wasn’t exactly what she expected him to want, but she soon finds out she knows nothing about Toby.

“You’re Not Welcome Here”
Clare’s staying late at school with her friends, working on a new robot. When she steps out for a drink of water, she finds an intruder in the school—it’s Jay, thieving some computer parts. But Jay has his way of convincing her not to rat him out.

“See Through Head”
Jay’s a simple man, with simple tastes. Ellie’s much harder to impress—Jay’s willing to take on the challenge, but how much will he change before he realizes how committed he’s become to a girl that doesn’t even like him?

“A Certain Romance”

Clare/Holly J
Clare is good at calculating probabilities. Like, really good. But if you don’t factor in the absurd, like Holly J Sinclair starting to follow you around, the best calculations can mean nothing.

“Stapled to the Mattress”
Clare’s supposed to be a good girl. She’s not supposed to want these things (and certainly not before marriage) and she’s probably not supposed to know about them either. But she does, and when she gets snowed in for the weekend with an unlikely and… experienced candidate, she’d have no problem staying stuck in her room forever. And Jay, he’s just growing to appreciate a host of new experiences, including moving outside the van.

“Faint of Hearts”
Jay doesn’t fall in love. He doesn’t even get crushes, doesn’t even bother falling in lust. If he wants something even a little, he goes for it, he takes it, and he doesn’t bother thinking about it again. It’s just hookups in the van, in the middle of parties. But this thing with this girl—the friend of Johnny’s new girl who keeps going to the ravine—he’s not sure what to call this, because it’s different.

“I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too”
Toby’s jealous of everything about Ashley’s life. She’s perfect and popular… and she’s dating Jimmy Brooks.

“Baby Dracula”
Mia really didn’t expect to run into her boyfriend at the vampire roleplaying club where she usually spends her nights. But when she does… well, it’s hot.

“The Happy Ending”

Clare knew she shouldn’t have taken a job as a massage therapist. Damn.

“Girl’s Not Grey”
It started as an offhand comment turned bet from Pete, and turned into a contest to hook up with high school friends. Marco was a failure, but Ellie… she might be something more than the 20 dollars of Yoo-hoo promised to the winner…

“We Used To Vacation”
Remember that road trip Bruce and Peter took? Peter doesn’t.

“Fistful of Sand”
Peter should stop hanging out with the ravine crowd, because the strange souvenirs he keeps finding are freaking him out. The Polaroid of him and Johnny on a roller coaster was weird enough, but the OTHER photographs are just sickening…ly hot.

“We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands”
Connor deeply regrets letting Bruce talk him into doing this, because the ensuing argument over whether they should clean up after their tryst in the dressing room gets louder than he would have liked.

“Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick)”
Jay likes giving head, but she doesn’t like the way it makes guys think they’re the boss. (Spinner Mason, she’s glaring at you). So Jay has a deal going, wristbands admitting the lucky few to the van. But Sean Cameron doesn’t seem to like the deal, and for a different reason than most guys object. He didn’t seem to get the memo that Jay’s not the kind of girl guys take out on dates.

Oh, and if perchance anyone likes any of these ideas and wants to write them themselves, that'd be cool too. Just let me know.

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