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Fandom: Degrassi:TNG
Pairing: Liberty/JT
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, I am only
responsible for my sick and twisted imagination.
Summary: The regularly scheduled drama happens differently. A different take on what could have been.
Spoilers: Canon up to Rock This Town. After there you hit my AU twist.
A/N: I've had this muse buzzing in my head for weeks. I finally caved and put finger to keyboard and this is the first chapter of what in my imagination is a massive Degassi fic in the works. I have at least the next five chapters planned out in my head. I hope someone out there gets enjoyment out of this. Oh and titles are all going to be 80s songs.

Liberty had talked on Toby’s cell phone all the way to the airport and once on the plane home, she’d started using the air phone. Toby almost wished he could have had a seat somewhere else on the plane. Even though the phone conversation he was hearing was completely one-sided, he had an idea of what JT was saying on the other side and he did not need to know, hear, imagine any of this. They were his best friends and yes, he was happy that they were happy but there were some things he didn’t need help imagining.

“Umm hmm,” Liberty said before breaking out into an uncharacteristic laugh. “They said you should wait for 1-3 weeks before….” Her voice trailed off and she gave Toby a glance that said she was not going to be talking about what she was talking about, “reading a good book.”

Toby knew what they were talking about and he wanted ear plugs. Okay maybe he didn’t really know what they were talking about but he could imagine. Imagining was what led him wrong. He hoped the stewardess would come by soon, so that he could request earplugs instead of staring into space hoping he would go deaf.

“Yes, you have to follow the rules. There are other things to do though,” she said before putting on a smile, Toby had only seen a few times and it scared him every time. JT must have been asking like what. “I could read to you.”

Oh god. Toby hoped that wasn’t some sort of metaphor. He really did.

“Mm hmm,” she said followed by more laughter. “And maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you turn the pages if it doesn’t take too much out of you...”

Okay, that made him raise an eyebrow.

“I’d like very much to read all night with you. I’m not quite sure how my father would feel about that. We both know how excited we get when we read together.”

That was it. He couldn’t take it. He snatched the phone up. Making Liberty shoot him a sharp look but it was a good price to pay to not have to endure this for the rest of the flight him.

“Liberty is unable to continue this conversation for the sake of my virgin sanity,” Toby said. He was also strongly thinking about never reading again. “Do you two ever stop?”

“I hope not,” was the reply from the other line. JT sounded amused. He nearly always did though. “Don’t worry Tobes. One day you’ll understand.”

Toby just shook his head.

“We’ll touch down soon enough. Keep your pants on and please… no more book innuendos,” he said before giving the phone back to Liberty.

She seemed embarrassed enough by being called out that she kept the tone of the conversation PG for the rest of the flight home.


Liberty had expected lots of things but the last thing she had expected was JT in a wheelchair with a few others with him when they arrived at the airport. She didn’t really notice the other people though. He could see by the way his shirt poked out that they’d bandaged him fairly nicely. He wasn’t allowed to go stomping around but he was there. He was very much there and even his color was right about him.

She didn’t give him a proper chance to tell her hello, she just moved over knelt enough to wrap her arms around him. He kissed the top of her forehead. He didn’t notice the fact, she was in need of a shower. She was his Liberty and he was just so glad to have her back that he didn’t care.

“Give her the ring,” came a duo of coughs from Betty and Veronica aka Manny and Emma nearby. They were apparently very onto what was going on here and they seemed eager for the presentation of it all.

Liberty laughed a little when JT rolled his eyes at them, she could feel him reaching in his jean pocket before pulling out the small velvet box. She didn’t begin to know where he got such a thing. She didn’t imagine it would be very large or extravagant. She preferred something simple anyways.

She was surprised when he opened it and saw that it wasn’t that small of a rock after all. It was white gold and there had to be at least 16 Diamonds there. It was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen in her entire life.

“Still want to wear my ring?” he asked cautiously.

“Of course, I do,” she said. “But how did you afford this? You must have had to sale your car.”

He’d had it for sometime really. Even if they hadn’t eventually gotten back together he wouldn’t have given it to anyone else. This was hers.

“I’ve had it since junior year. I bought it that Christmas. I saved up after everything. I knew I’d let you down but I was going to make it up to you… and then I chickened out and everything that happened, happened,” he said honestly. “It’s been sitting in my desk at the house for a long time. I’m honestly surprised you didn’t accidentally discover it looking for a pencil or something when you were over studying.”

Manny and Emma were eating this up. It was better than all the women’s movie channels combined.

Liberty smiled. A nervous tug hit her as she remembered that they hadn’t kissed each other’s lips for over six months. She found herself wanting to kiss him and be kissed though.

“I love you,” she said quietly, hesitating on the kiss.

“I love you too,” he said putting the ring on her finger before taking care of that for her.

Everything felt right. It was as it was supposed to be. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest excitedly. For once she could almost forget the painful facts of the past. She could forget that their son was off in Seattle being raised by someone else.

In the second afterwards when she did recall those things, she almost had peace with it though. Maybe that was just part of the big plan for them. Maybe that was what was best for that child. They could have other children when the time was right. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


JT’s grandmother was kind enough to drop by her house and let her grab a few changes of clothes. Her father scolded her on the dangers of running off half way around the world but he ultimately let her go for now. JT needed to be home. He’d have a nurse come by one a day to change the bandages for the next few weeks but for the most part he just needed to do a lot of lying around.

Gran was happy to have her future-grand daughter in law around to help. She might not have been happy when JT had gotten her pregnant but she did like Liberty. She was secretly pulling for them all along. She saw a bit of herself at their age in them.

Liberty helped JT made his way to his room, sitting him on his bed before setting off in a million directions grabbing pajamas for him and anything else he might need.

His room was a complete mess. He obviously hadn’t been expecting company the night he’d gotten stabbed. She picked up a bit here and there along the way. She wondered if this was how it was going to be when they got married. She’d have to train him on proper laundry basket usage.

Once content, she came back over with his pajamas sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“You can’t sleep in your clothes,” she said simply.

“You just want to undress me,” he said laughing as he lifted his arms.

“I’m a complete professional. No unauthorized touching,” she said with a headshake carefully removing his shirt for him. She examined his bandage. No leaks which was good. She’d hate if he tore stitches.

“That doesn’t sound like fun,” he said. “Whatever happened to reading me books?”

She made a face and started to undo his pants. “I’ll read to you when I think your well enough for me to,” she said double entendres still in tact.

It had been a long time and well, she did always have an effect on him. Post-heart surgery or not, he certainly knew that she was removing his pants. She was completely professional about it as she said she would be though, replacing the jeans he’d wore out of the hospital to the airport with flannel pajama bottoms.

“My body hates this rule,” he said simply acknowledging it before she could.

“Well think of it this way, it’s insurance that we’ll behave ourselves at least until that special wedding extraordinaire you promised happens,” Liberty told him comfortingly.

“How about now?” he said playfully reaching for the phone by his bed.

She hung it up.

“I’m going to go clean up and then bed,” she said simply heading out toward his bathroom with her bag.


He was already curled up when she came back sleeping peacefully. She purposefully wore her comfy pajamas bottoms and an old t-shirt. Nothing cute. Nothing revealing. Just something comfortable.

There was a guest room that she was more than welcome to but JT’s bed was big enough and this would be the first real night of sleep she’d had since her birthday. She was going to relish it.

She pulled the covers back, tucking him in before curling in herself next to him but facing the wall. She had barely gotten comfortable before she felt him curl his arms around her. It made her smile.

“Thought you could sneak back into my bed without telling me goodnight?” he asked warm breathe hitting across her neck.

“You were snoring,” she said with a quiet laugh.
“I don’t snore,” he said not hesitating to let a light kiss hit her neck.

“Yes, you do. You sound just like my father when you do it too. I’ve determined all men sound the same when they snore,” she explained turning her head enough to give him a sleepy glance.

“I’ve missed these sorts of moments with you,” he said seriously for a moment. “And to think - you actually want to be stuck with me forever, snoring and all.”

That made her kiss him. Nothing more than a sleepy peck though. Anything more might have gotten her into trouble.

“I talk in my sleep. You’re going to be stuck with that,” she said.

“I know,” he said remembering a time or two that she had spoken in her sleep. He couldn’t resist making fun of it either. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you preferred dream JT to me back then. What was that you used to say over and over again ‘Oh JT’?”

She would have given him a love tap if she weren’t afraid of sending him back to the hospital.

“Well dream you never went and told have the school about our sex life,” she said making a valid point. “Speaking of which, I don’t think Toby likes hearing about it very much.”

JT laughed at that. “What gave you that idea?”

“Oh the way, he told us to stop earlier,” she said laughing right with him.

“You need to sleep,” JT told her giving her Eskimo kisses with his nose. He might have been the recovering stab victim but she hadn’t really been sleeping right and he couldn’t be selfish and keep her up all night.

“We need sleep,” she came back at him.

“Okay then we’ll sleep,” he said closing his eyes.

She adjusting carefully in his arms to get in a normal sleeping position before closing her own. She was almost asleep when he said one more thing though, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said before letting the sleep take over.
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